Metabolism Matters

Your metabolism - combined with your daily physical activity determines how many calories your body burns each day.

Until recently, there was no convenient or affordable way to measure your metabolism.  Now, with the BodyGem® device, you can easily and quickly learn your metabolic rate with a simple breath test that your health professional can administer in 10 minutes or less.

Why would I want my metabolism measured?

A metabolic measurement will determine how many calories your body needs to meet your goals.

Your total energy expenditure is the total number of calories burned each day. It is comprised of normal bodily functions and daily physical activity.

Instead of estimating RMR with the Harris-Benedict or Katch-McArdle formula, the BodyGem is a scientific measurement of a client’s Metabolic Fingerprint, which is unique to them.

Specifically, a BodyGem measurement might be right for you if you are:

Trying to lose weight

Trying to maintain weight (especially after a weight management program, diet or other nutritional changes)

Diagnosed with diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, or other weight related conditions

Interested in improving overall health and fitness
Why is my metabolism unique?

Many factors may influence your metabolism, making it unique to you:



Body Composition (the ratio of muscle vs. fat)

Hormone levels


In this example, two women weigh exactly the same and are the same height, yet have very different daily calorie requirements.

If they followed the same weight management plan, they would experience very different results.

Why do metabolism-based programs work?

An accurate daily calorie target provides the single best piece of information available to lose weight, maintain or gain.

Your metabolism determines how much you need to eat and exercise to reach your goals.

You can customize any plan to be more effective when it is based on your body’s unique characteristics.

Your metabolism changes as you lose weight. Re-measurement during weight loss allows you to avoid weight loss plateaus by altering your nutrition and exercise plan to reflect changes in your body.

How can I use my BodyGem metabolic measurement?

It’s simple. The BodyGem metabolic measurement provides you with a daily calorie goal. Regardless of what you eat, it is impossible to lose weight unless you eat fewer calories than you burn. With your metabolic measurement, you will have a personalized nutrition and physical activity plan that guides you in losing or maintaining weight.  

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