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Boost Your Metabolism

Most people want to look better, feel better and live happier, more fulfilling lives. They may be motivated to make a change, but they’re not sure what to do first, or they’re overwhelmed by the thought of how to do it.

Do you choose high protein, low carbohydrate or more carbohydrates and lower protein? And what about fat?

The truth is everyone is an individual and what works for one person may not work for another depending on many factors.

Like most of us, you have probably already tried a variety of diets. Some may have worked, but the weight is often regained within a few years or you are unable to build lean body mass. Athletes may not have the performance or endurance during conditioning or competition. Unless you have a plan that is designed to workaround your lifestyle and your metabolic needs it will be difficult to accomplish your goals.

While nutrition is the foundation, just changing to healthier foods does not unfortunately guarantee desired goals.  A customized plan will be designed based on your metabolism, lifestyle and activities.

We will help motivate and educate you as you transition your diet and transition from old habits, and support you as you make simple but powerful nutritional and lifestyle adjustments.

Food journal app available on iPhone, Android which allows me to help monitor and adjust daily meals to fit your goals.

                                                    Consultations available by phone and e-mail also.

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